Samara Jade

Samara Jade

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Concert: Songs for All Sentient Beings

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A modern folk troubadour, Samara Jade is dedicated to the art of listening deeply and crafting soul-centered songs, inspired greatly by the wild wisdom of nature and the landscape of the human psyche.  Her songs, sometimes whimsical and sometimes dark and deep but always truthful and musically rich, ride the crest of the unknown and are medicine for personal and collective transformation. 

 A samara is a type of winged seed - such as those “helicopter seeds” from maple trees. Samara truly embodies her name by casting out healing spells through her songs, like thousands of whirling seeds upon the breeze, ready to land where they are needed…

Samara's soul is deeply in love with the ancient Appalachian mountains of North Carolina as well as the wild rivers and snow capped peaks of the Olympic Peninsula of Washington, and her "home" has been a dance between the two places for the last number of years.

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